The Blue and White

blue and whiteThe blue and white are not just emphasizing colors. It may also emphasize such meanings like white as purity and blue as calmness and peacefulness. But then, if you’ll come up to the dark world of everything, you may come up to the crimes that are present into this world. And that’s when the White and Blue Collar Crimes are introduced.

White and blue collar crimes are not that well known for everyone. It may be unusually heard from somewhere yet, the meaning is ununderstandable for a moment.

White collar crime is just easy to be defined. For it is the crimes that are conducted by the great minds who are intelligent enough, rich enough and powerful enough to participate and create such crimes that may call for political and world order. For simply, white collar crimes are those crimes that are too good to be perfect that the cases are being pending as the time goes, and being scored of zero in terms of answering questions such as ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’.

On the other hand, blue collar crimes are those crimes conducted by those people who are not wealthy enough and also, less intelligent. Few examples of their acts are like pick-pocketing, kidnapping, and so on.

Literally, the white collar criminals are benefiting a larger amount of money than those blue collar criminals. If a blue collar criminal can claim a hundred thousand money, then the white collar criminals can claim from one million money, and so on. For simply, the white collar criminals are the wolves dressed in a sheep’s clothing.

Reflection: How Social Media Can Make History


Today, by the use of social media, it is easy to gather the thoughts of the netizens—citizens that uses internet in a single click. One post, one story; one share and the number of people to see a certain post will multiply to a hundred. Within this natural cycle, it is also easy for people to gather updated information from the net; the trends about fashion, sports, celebrity news, foods and even gossips. And just by this way of act that the people usually do, social media is creating its own history in the society. Let me remind you of some of the things that are in my mind as I share how social media can really make history. Within the talk about ‘How social media can make history’, it is mentioned on how historical it is for the Chinese government that their own people are the ones who posted the incident about their calamity. They want to cover it up but it is their own people who leaked the information by the use of social media so what can they do? But to connect it here in the Philippines, I want to share how fast the information for us to spread even if it real or not. Number one example of the news that spreads really fast is the fake news! I as student rely on the internet for some news, mostly when it is related to classes, so when I see news such as cancellation of classes, of course, I am one of those people who felt anxious, thinking if it is real or not. However, as I scan my social media, most of my friends in there are already sharing the news for a couple of times! Back then, I was naïve that I believed that fake news that led me to miss an important test in one of my subjects when I was in high school. Really historical! For until now, fake news is still around the corner of the social media. Aside from this, I also want to share how people are already famous because of the social media. Some are popular due to good news and gossips about them, but some are also popular because of some negative news about them. Let me mention here the situation of Marlou Arizala and Charice Pempengco. Both have changed something within themselves. Marlou Arizala has a problem within his physical appearance so changed his face so people will accept him— physically. Charice Pempengco also changed her sexual organ and appearance so she can really say that she’s a guy in the heart and in the body. Thus, Marlou Arizala became Xander Ford, while Charice Pempengco became Jake Zyrus. Both of them became trending on the social media and have marked their own history within the internet. People gave comments to them; some supported them, while some gave them harsh comments. But the point here is not whether the society accepts them or not, but on how they created their own name in the search bar of the internet! Many people aside from Xander Ford and Jake Zyrus became extremely famous due to the social media. Some were even titled with aliases! Because whether the news is good or bad, as long as it is popular and within the trend, then the people will focus on it. And as people focus on it, there starts another beginning of a history.


Reflection: Connected, but Alone

Image result for connected but alone

In today’s generation when everyone are always updated with the newly discovered technologies that are popping out from time to time, it is already not unusual when you see a toddler holding a mobile phone or a grandma holding a tablet. Also, it is not unusual when you go to a place like train station and mall and you see that almost everyone are holding their mobile phone as they are talking to someone over the phone, or they are having SMS or chat, or they are just casually playing online games or watching videos. With these situations that we usually see, we can say that internet is really vast! So after listening to the topic about ‘Connected, but Alone’, I almost drowned myself for the thoughts which are flowing in my mind the entire time. I remembered a situation when I attended a debut before. I was happy for the debutant for that very day, of course, however during that time, I was unfamiliar with the people I am grouped with on the table. So as I saw them talking and laughing with each other intimately, I got anxious on myself as I was isolated there, in the corner. I kept thinking if I shall say ‘Hi’. Then if I’ll say ‘Hi’ then when is the right timing? But what if they’ll ignore me? Many pessimistic thoughts came to my mind that time, but in the end, I just decided to reach my phone and pretended to be busy the entire time, even though the truth is I am anxious to be kept alone in that crowded place. I kept silent on the corner and focused on my mobile phone, however at the back of my mind, I know I should have approached them.


When you are holding your phone as you are connected with other people in different places, it is not called being sociable but being socially connected with the internet but not with the people around you. I find it ironic when you have many friends in the internet yet in reality, without holding a mobile phone, you are just a lone person who’s afraid to approach and communicate with other people. It is sad to think that some people are too focused on their mobile phone that they have forgotten to care about the people around them. They say that they are alone so they feel lonely, yet in reality, they are the one who keeps on closing the door for other people. They said that nobody listens to them and nobody understands them, thus they focused their attention to those programmed sociable robots. However, I wonder if they had ever thought if those robots can really understand them more than the people around them?


Internet is for everyone’s convenience in communication. However, connecting is far too different from bonding personally or from talking face-to-face. You connect through the use of internet so you can interact with other people from faraway places but also, you must also not forget to bond from those people that are just beside you. Because in the end, if you have forgotten to bond with those people around you, you’ll just realize one day that you are connected with them but you still feel alone.

Insight Paper: Material selection and Bicycle Frames


In today’s generation, when people tend to be busy and overloaded with work, sports and recreational activities are entangled with their life during their free time. With this free time, here enters the cycling that I am fond of as a youngster and also the best stress-relieving activity for the adults. With a nature loving past time, cycling will make you forget all your worries, may it be in school or in work. Cycling can also boost your mind and confidence to conquer more challenging path ahead of you. Hence, when talking about cycling, you can also think of the major instrument you use in doing this activity; the bicycle. The bicycle is not only regarded to be a simple instrument because if you’ll take it to consideration, the bicycle is the one that enables you to feel of how you are supposed to feel while cycling. The bicycle may make you feel comfortable and feel alive but also, in some circumstances, bicycle may also make you feel uncomfortable and stiff.


A good bicycle requires being comfortable and has balanced factors in speed, safety and endurance as said by Andrew Cantrell (2003). And to attain all those requirements, there needs to be a good selection of materials and frame that builds up the whole bicycle. According to Maleque and Dyuti (2010), there are two methods in selection for materials: the cost per unit property where the cost of the materials is highly considered, while the other is the digital logic method where the quality and the properties of the materials are considered. Then when the terms is lined for looking for the good frame design, Maleque and Dyuti (2010) also said that the higher the strength, the better the performance of the frame. With this thought, you might think that steel is the best choice; however, according to Ian Buchanan (2003), steel is heavier which makes an uncomfortable and snappy ride. But when you thought that aluminum is a better choice since it is lightweight, however its durability is reduced and causes a harsh quality when used. It seemed like nothing can fit the standards of the people but Ian Buchanan (2003) also said that there are no bad frame materials, it is just that the usage of the frame in inappropriate for its user. Because in choosing a frame or a new bike, it is not about how you judge the quality, but it is how you judge it as yourself if it fits on you and if its characteristics is well matched with your needs, body and riding style.


In selecting materials for your own bicycle, considering the cost and quality is a good choice, however it is still you who will use it in the end, thus I will say that aside from these two, you must also take into consideration on how you feel and on how your body can cooperate with your chosen materials. Because in having a good choice doesn’t end with the good price and quality but in the comfortable feeling you feel due to contentment with your chose.



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Entry 143 (a short story by Khyle. M)

This is my unhappy entry,
One day, I lost diary. But after a week, I saw my diary back in my desk with an unusual thing. There’s this entry one-four-three in a page which is written by someone I do not know. For this is only what’s written:
“Look for me for I’ve already read all of your secrets, or else…” Or else what?!
Chapter 1
Hi. Eto ang pambansang tanong ng lahat, ako lang ba? Ako lang ba ang tipong nagjo-journal, diary, o kung ano pa man kung tawagin ng iba?
Pero may dugtong pa ang tanong ko. Ako lang ba? Ako lang ba ang tipong may journal… May journal na nawawala?!
“Asan na ba kasi ‘yon?!”
Naiiyak na kinakabahan na na tanong ko habang hinahalukay ang locker ko na ngayo’y gulong-gulo na. Kanina ko pa kasi hinahanap ang nawawalang journal notebook ko pero hindi ko parin mahanap-hanap.
“Saan mo na naman ba kasi ‘yon pinaglalagay? Baka sa kung saan mo lang ‘yon naiwan ha?”
May halong inis na sabi naman ng pinsan kong si Alice na ngayo’y nakabusangot na dahil inip na inip na itong umuwi. Kasi kailangan ko nga munang mahanap ang journal ko! All of my secrets! Ang mga pag-eemo ko, ang mga kalandian ko, ghad! Lahat ‘yon malalaman ng kung sino mang poncio pilato sa oras na mabuklatan niya na ang journal kong iyon.
“Sandali lang insan, balik muna tayo sa classroom. Baka kasi nand’on.” Mabilis na sabi ko tsaka agad na lumakad papunta sa classroom namin pero…
“At saan niyo pang balak pumunta? Sarado na ang room. See?”
Masungit na pagsalubong sa amin ng class president namin na si Bookie habang pinapakita samin ang hawak niyang susi tsaka iyon ibinulsa.
“Pero teka lang! May naiwan kasi ako sa classroom.”
“P’wede naman sigurong ipagpabukas yan noh?”
“Hindi!” Halos eskandalosong sigaw ko na siyang ikinasama ng tingin sakin ni Bookie.
“Ano ba yung naiwan mo?”
“A-ah, b-basta!” Pautal at pasigaw na sagot ko at umiwas ng tingin.
Nakakahiyang aminin dito na journal iyon!
“Okay. Mag-intay ka nalang ng bukas kung ganon.” Tila walang pake na sabi nito tsaka lakad na agad ko namang hinarang.
“W-wait! J-journal!”
“Journal ang nand’on!” Pasigaw na sagot ko na kinakitaan ko naman ng pagngisi mula sa kaniya.
“Journal pala ha?” Mapang-asar na sabi nito na inis ko namang nilaharan ng kamay ko.
“Ang susi!”
“Seriously?! Wala akong nakitang journal notebook doon but if you insist. Kayo na bahalang mag lock, okay?”
Mabilis naman akong tumango at kinuha ang susi and with a moment, silence faced me nung makitang malinis ang classroom at wala ako roong makitang journal.
My dearest journal,
Where are you?
From your loving owner,
Chapter 1.5
“Oh, kumusta ang Oplan: Hanap Journal mo kahapon?”
Nakangising bungad na tanong sakin ni Mr. President kinaumagahan. Ngunit inis na isinauli ko lang rito ang susi ng classroom tsaka ako napasalampak ng upo sa upuan ko. Nasaan na ba kasi ‘yong journal na ‘yon?
“Baka nasa’yo ang journal ko Pres ha?”
May paghihinalang tanong ko rito na ikinatawa lang nito.
“Asa! Kung nasa’kin nga ‘yon, ba’t ko naman aaminin?”
“Seryoso kasi?!”
“Seryoso naman ako ah?” Tawa pa nito na siyang ikanabusangot ko lang.
Kahit kailan talaga. Abnormal ‘tong President namin eh. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit nanalo ‘to sa botohan eh. Pero bukod kay Bookie the President, wala na akong ibang maisip pa sa kung sino ang p’wedeng nakakita nung journal ko.
“Bookie, bukod sa’yo, sino ang huling lumabas dito sa classroom kahapon?”
“Kayo ni Alice.” Mabilis na sagot nito na ikinainis ko lang kaya mabilis ko siyang nahampas sa braso. Malamang at nahuli kami ni pinsan kahapon pero siyempre ako rin ‘yon kaya exempted na dapat ‘yon! Naman eh!
“Aray ha? Sumasadista ka na?!”
“Umayos ka kasi!”
“Maayos na ‘ko.”
“Sus. Ang aga-agang landian.” Dinig kong pabirong pagpaparinig sa amin ng pinsan kong si Alice kaya inis na tinalikuran ko nalang si Bookie. Wala naman kasi akong makuhang matinong sagot sa kaniya bukod sa pamimilosopo niya. Kabadtrip siya!
“Kumusta na nga pala ang journal mo, Dria?” Tanong ni Alice tsaka umupo sa tabi ko.
“Ayun, baka nasa basurahan na.” Bored na sagot ko tsaka yumuko. Bakit ba kasi dapat pang ipaalala ng mga tao na nawawala ang journal ko?
“Seryoso?!” Hindi makapaniwalang tanong nito.
“Naniwala ka naman agad?” Napaingos ako rito.
“Pero seryoso nga?! Malay mo?! Natapon pala nila?”
“At sinong sila naman ‘yon?!” Inis na tanong ko dahil malapit na akong maniwala. Ghad! Alam kong ‘di kagandahan ang journal notebook ko at may punit punit pa ang pages n’on pero nakakagigil palang isipin na baka ibinasura na ‘yon?!
“Aba, malay?!”
“Tsk. Maghuhukay tayo mamaya.”
“Ng alin?”
“Ng basurahan.”
“Ano?!” Pasigaw na tanong ni Alice na sinabayan din pala ng tsismosong President namin.
“Seriously, Alessandria?” Hindi makapaniwalang tanong ni Bookie na nirolyohan ko lang ng mata.
“Seryoso ako, Alice. Maghuhukay tayo mamaya ng basurahan and that decision is final.”
Dearest journal,
Mama’s coming for ya. Don’t cry.
Your 16 year old mother,
Chapter 2
“Ate, sure po ba kayo?”
Nag-aalalang tanong ko kay ateng maintenance na siyang nakatokang maglinis sa classroom namin kahapon. Nandito kasi ako ngayon sa office nila dahil sila raw ang nag-aasikaso miski nung pagtapon ng mga basura from the trash bins. Kahit papaano’y umaasa kasi akong may nakita silang journal o kahit ano’ng notebook kahapon.
“Wala talaga eh. At kung meron man, nandoon ang tambakan sa likod ng building, maghalukay ka d’on kung gusto mo. Bukas pa naman hahakutin ang mga ‘yon eh.”
“Halah?! Ayoko nga!” Agad na sigaw ni Alice na sinamaan ko lang ng tingin.
“Aba eh, bahala kayo d’yan. Hindi ko na iyon trabaho kung sa kung ano man ‘yang nawala niyo.” Sabat naman ni ateng maintenance na ngayo’y kunot noo na kung makatingin.
“Eh p’wede po ba kaming pumunta roon?” Tanong ko naman kay ate na agad niya namang tinanguan.
“Sabihin niyo lang na nakausap niyo na ‘ko. Okay na ‘yon.”
“Sige ho, salamat.”
Agad kong hinila ang pinsan kong si Alice na siya namang asar na napasunod lang sa’kin habang hila-hila ko siya patungo sa tambakan ng basura ng eskwelahan namin.
“Saan ang punta niyo?”
Gulat na napatigil ako sa paglalakad nung makita ko ang madungis na hitsura ni Bookie na ngayo’y nasa harapan ko. Medyo magulo na kasi ang buhok at damit nito, madumi ang mga sapatos at kamay, at umaabot pa sa pang-amoy ko ang mabahong singaw ng damit nito. “
Ano’ng nangyari sa’yo?”
“Maghuhukay kayo run sa imbakan?”
Ngumisi siya sa sagot ko.
“Nahukay ko na r’on. Heto lang ang mga nakita kong notebook. Tignan mo nga kung nand’yan?”
Doon ko lang napansin na may hawak na supot pala si Bookie at nung abutin ko ito mula sa kaniya, nakita kong mga notebook pala ang naroroon.
Uy, buti nalang. Salamat pres!”
Tuwang-tuwa na pagpapasalamat ni Alice kay Bookie na may kasama pang pagyuko-yuko. Feeling koreana talaga. Pero,
“Salamat dito, Pres. Grabe naman at ikaw pa ang naghukay r’on.” Sabi ko na ikinangiti lang ni Bookie.
“Superman ako eh.” Sabi lang nito tsaka nagtatalon na nilampasan na kami. “Uwi na ‘ko! Bahala na kayo d’yan, maliligo pa ‘ko eh.” Sigaw nito habang papalayo samin na siyang ikinangiti ko lang. Pero…
Pagtingin at paghukay ko sa supot…
Dear loving journal,
I am sorry I lost you. But I am still hoping to see you again.
Regretful me,
Chapter 2.5
“Oh, ano? Kumusta? And’on ba?” Pabulong na tanong ni Bookie habang bored na nakasandal sa upuan niya at nakaharap sa teacher namin sa Entrepreneur na ngayo’y may kung anu-anong mga manila paper na pinagdidikit sa white board.
“Wala nga eh.” Pabulong na sagot ko rin.
“Ay, sayang naman. Pero may next stop ka na ba?”
“Next stop?”
“Next stop! Kasi diba una, nag search ka sa room, then basurahan, ngayon saan mo naman balak maghanap?”
“Hindi kasi next stop dapat pres. Hindi ako bus o kotse o jeep na may kung anu-anong stop over na dinadaanan.” Pabalang na sabi ko rito.
“Ay, nagets niya. Galing!”
“Hindi ako slow, pres.”
“Then bakit hindi mo manlang naisip na baka kaklase mo lang rin ang nakakuha ng journal mo?”
Natigilan ako sa sinabi ni Pres at napalingon ako sa kaniya na ngayon pala’y ngiting-ngiti na nakatingin din pala sa’kin.
“Ano’ng ibig mong sabihin, Bookie?”
“Ba’t ‘di mo kaya muna tanungin ang mga kaklase natin kung may nakita ba silang journal nung nakaraan eh, noh?”
Natigilan naman ako sa sinabi ni Bookie at napalingon sa mga kaklase kong maiingay na nagsisigawan kahit may teacher pa sa harap.
“Wala naman atang makakarinig ng tanong ko.”
“Superman tong katabi mo. Wait and see.” Nakangiting sabi ni Bookie tsaka tumayo at itinaas ang kamay niya habang itinuturo ang pointing finger niya pataas. Animo’y naka signal siya ng one.
“Guys!” Medyo may kalakasang sabi ni Pres na agad na nagpatahimik sa lahat at napalingon sa kaniya.
“After class, ‘wag muna kayong umuwi. May pag-uusapan tayo. ‘Yon lang.” Ngumiti pa muli ito bago umupo na siyang nagpaingay muli sa mga kaklase ko.
“Mamaya, itanong mo na sa kanila.”
Nakangiting sabi nito tsaka muling humarap na sa teacher namin na mag-uumpisa na sa klase.
“Thanks, Pres.” Bulong ko nalang dito na kinakitaan ko mula sa gilid ng aking mga mata na mayroon siyang pigil na ngiti sa labi.
Sana mahanap ko na…
Chapter 3
“Oh Bookie, ano meron? May ganap?” Tanong ng VP namin na si Leana matapos makalabas ng teacher namin. Imbes kasi na maglabasan ay nanatili muna ang lahat dahil nga sa sinabi kanina ni Bookie na may pag-uusapan.
“Oo. Kaya makinig kayo.” Pabalang na sabi naman ni Bookie tsaka tumayo sa upuan niya. Laking gulat ko pa nung hilahin niya ang kamay ko at ngayo’y naglalakad na kami patungo sa gitnang harap ng classroom.
“Nakuh, galawan pres!” Sigaw nung P.R.O naming si Alex na siyang naging hudyat ng kantiyawan sa klase.
Napapiksi naman tuloy ako ng kamay ko mula sa hawak ni Pres. Tiyak kong namumula na ngayon ang mukha ko sa hiya at asar.
“Landi, bes! Hahaha.” Dinig ko pang sigaw ni Alice na agad ko namang binato ng eraser na nakapatong sa katabi kong lamesa.
“Shh. Mga loko kayo. Tahimik na. May tanong kasi ‘tong si Sunny sa lahat.”
Sunny, what? Nangungunot ang noong napalingon ako kay Pres nung sinabi niya pala iyon habang nakatingin sa’kin.
“Sunny? Seriously, pres?” Taas kilay na tanong ko rito na sinagot niya lang ng mga iling habang nakangiti.
Naghiwayan ang mga kaklase ko sa hindi malamang kadahilanan pero natahimik din ang lahat nung biglang bumukas ang pinto ng classroom namin.
“Bakit?” Tanong agad ni Pres sa taong nakadungaw mula room sa pinto.
“Ahmm, sino po ang President ng class na ‘to?”
“Ako, bakit?”
“May meeting po lahat ng class President. Punta na raw po ngayon, asap.”
Nakita kong may sinenyas si Bookie Kay Leana na agad namang tumango at tinabihan ako rito sa harap.
“Guys, mauna muna ako. Si Leana na in charge ngayon sa class. Pakinggan niyo tanong ni Sunny, okay?” Bilin ni Bookie tsaka ako tinanguan at umalis. At sa pag-alis niyang iyon ay ang pagharap ko sa lahat at ang pagtanong ng…
“May nakita ba kayong journal sa classroom na ‘to?”
And with that…
Many answered.
Chapter 3.5
“Wala eh.”
“Ano’ng kulay ba?”
“Journal? Pft. Korni!”
“Wala. Baka nabasa na ng iba ‘yon.”
“Wala na ‘yan. Hahahaha.”
Napatingin ako kay Leana na ngayo’y napapailing nalang sa kaingayan ng lahat.
“Guys, seryoso kasi!”
“Oy, oy. Umayos kayo ng sagot!” Sigaw naman ni Leana pagkatapos ilang ulit na hampasin ang whiteboard namin.
“So sino nga? May nakakita ba sa inyo?”
“Ako! Ako! May nakita ako kahapon.” Sigaw ng isang kaklase naming lalaki mula sa dulo.
“Talaga? Patingin?”
“Eto ba ‘yon?” Tanong nito tsaka labas ng isang supot ng Maxx na kendi.
“Uy, kendi! Hahahaha.” Sigaw agad ng isa pang lalaking kaklase ko na agad pumunta roon sa likod para manghingi ng Maxx kendi.
“Guys!” Sigaw ulit ni Leana tsaka pinaghahampas ulit ang whiteboard pero parang wala lang narinig ang lahat at patuloy lang sa pag-iingay, pagtatawanan at pag-aagawan ng kendi.
“Wala kaming nakita. Hahahaha. Kung may nakita man kami, asa ka pang ibabalik namin agad iyon ng hindi pa nababasa.” At sa sinabing iyon ng wirdo kong kaklase ay naaasar na kinuha ko nalang ang bag ko at napalabas ng classroom na ‘yon.
“So ano na ang gagawin mo ngayon, Dria?” Tanong ni Alice habang nagmamadaling habulin ako.
“Wala. Baka nga wala na ‘yon!” Asar na sagot ko nalang kahit na gustong-gusto ko talagang mahanap ang journal na iyon. Kaya’t kahit nakakaloko sa sarili ay titigilan ko na ‘tong paghahanap ko r’on. Pero ba’t nakakatawa ata ang tadhana? Dahil makalipas lang ang ilang araw matapos iyon ay nakita ko na muli ang journal ko sa mismong mesa ko. Ang tanong, kanino naman kaya galing ‘to?!
Chapter 4
“Look for me for I’ve already read all of your secrets. Or else…”
Inis na sinamaan ko ng tingin si Alice nung ibulong niya iyon sa’kin. Magmula kasi nung mabasa niya rin ang note ay walang tigil niya ng paulit-ulit na binubulong iyon sa’kin. Hindi ko tuloy alam kung dapat pa ba akong matuwa na nakita ko na ang journal ko o hindi.
“Look for— Aray!” Sigaw ni Alice tsaka napasapo ng ulo niya matapos kong ihampas rito ang journal ko. Kaasar eh. Naiisip ko tuloy na siya ang nagsasalita n’on habang may hawak-hawak na trident.
“Ayaw mong tumigil eh.”
“Hahaha. Bakit? Kinakabahan ka ba, Dria?”
“Hindi, noh?! Nakakaasar lang na may ibang nakabasa ng journal ko.”
“Talaga lang ha?” Pang-aasar pa ni Alice na may kasamang pagsundot-sundot sa gilid ko dahilan para mahampas ko siyang muli.
“Aray naman!” Reklamo niya.
“Kasalanan mo ‘yan.”
“Pero ano na nga bang gagawin mo ngayon, Dria?”
“Oo, wala. Ayoko ng pag-aksayahan pa yun ng oras. Ang mahalaga nasa akin na ulit ang journal ko.”
“Pero yung or else..” Nag-aalalang sabi ni Alice na ikinabuntong hininga ko lang.
“Hindi naman siguro ako mamamatay sa or else na ‘yan ‘diba?” Sagot ko nalang na nagpatahimik kay Alice upang ‘di na magtanong pa. ‘Di ko naman ata ikamamatay ‘yon diba? …
Hindi ko naman ata ikamamatay…
Ang kahihiyan?! Dahil matapos lang ang dalawang araw. Ito ang nakita ko sa freedom wall ng classroom namin…
“Most embarrassing moment of my life is when I farted in our class so loudly when I was in grade six. Sheez. I tried to reason out during that time but failed.”
Naging tampulan iyon ng katatawan sa klase ngunit walang nakakaalam kung sino ang nagsulat n’on. Gayundin na walang nakakaalam na akin iyon. Pero seriously?! Sino ang nagsulat niyan?!
Chapter 4.5
“Iyan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh.” Natatawang sabi ni Alice matapos niyang mabasa sa mukha ko na naiinis ako sa nakita ko.
“Isa ‘yun sa mga entry mo d’on sa journal mo, noh? Hahahaha.” Natatawang tanong ni Alice na animo’y hindi naman na talaga kailangan pa ng sagot mula sa’kin.
Tumahimik ka na nga, Alice. Mamaya, may nakarinig pa sa’yo eh.”
“Hahahaha. Nakakatawa talaga.”
Sinamaan ko nalang ng tingin si Alice bago yumukyok sa mesa. Nakakaasar talaga!
“Sunny! Woy!” Inis na hinarap ko naman si Bookie na katabi ko na pala. Marahil ay kakarating lang niya. Nag-iingay na naman agad eh.
“Oh, bakit?”
“Nabasa mo na ‘yung nakasulat sa freedom wall? Hahahaha. Nakakatawa, noh? Sino kaya nagsulat dun n’on? LT eh. Hahahaha.”
Inis na napayukyok muli ako sa mesa sa sinabi ni Bookie. Sheez. Isa pa ‘to. Tawa ng tawa. Mabulunan sana siya!
“Ay, ow. ‘Di siya natatawa. Badtrip po ba ang Sunny?” Malambing daw kuno ang boses na tanong sa’kin ni Bookie na siyang mas nagpainis sa’kin. Hindi ko alam kung ano ba ‘tong trip ni Pres pero magmula ata nung hiramin ko mula rito ang susi ng classroom ay feel na feel na nitong magpaka-superman daw kuno sa’kin. Tss. Mas bet ko si Batman!
“Woy, Sunny?”
Inis na hinarap ko si Bookie matapos niyang sundutin ang gilid ko.
“Hoy, lalaki. Sino ba kasi ang nagpauso ng freedom wall na ‘yan? Sarap manapak ha?”
“Ay? Ayaw mo po ba sa freedom wall na’tin?”
Hindi na ako sumagot at sinamaan lang siya ng tingin.
“Pero hindi ko naman p’wedeng biglang ipatanggal diyan ang freedom wall. Magagalit sila. Mukhang gustong-gusto pa mandin nila ang freedom wall…”
“Tss. Superman daw kuno.”
“Pasensiya na. Hindi lahat kaya ni Superman eh.” Natatawang napapakamot sa ulo na sabi ni Bookie na ikinangisi ko lang.
“Kaya nga mas bet ko si Batman eh.” Sabi ko rito na siyang nagpasimangot sa kaniya at ikinalawak ng ngisi ko. Pero, sheez. The who ang gumawa n’on? Paano ko bang mahahanap ang salarin na ‘yon?!
Chapter 5
Ngayong araw na ‘to, muli kong hiniram ang susi kay Bookie na agad naman niyang binigay. Nagmamadali din kasi ata ang loko. Pinatawag kasi ng teacher namin sa Entrepreneur. Kaya naman ngayo’y solong-solo na namin ni Alice itong classroom.
“So ano na ngayon ang gagawin mo rito?” Natatawang tanong ni Alice habang pareho kaming nakaharap sa freedom wall ng aming classroom.
“Burahin ko na ba?” Suhestiyon pa ni Alice na ngayo’y pinaglalaruan ang pambura dahil whiteboard lang din ang freedom wall namin. “Kaso alam mo namang lingguhan ang pagbubura sa mga nakasulat dito. Malalagot tayo ‘pag nagtanong sila bukas.” Dugtong ni Alice tsaka kinuha ang whiteboard marker tsaka nagdrawing ng baboy habang kinakanta ang ‘small circle, small circle, big circle.’ Pero hinayaan ko lang siya sa ginagawa niya at kumuha rin ng sarili kong whiteboard marker. At sa paglapit ko sa freedom wall namin ay ang pagsulat ko rin ng mensahe sa ilalim ng entry na nilagay ng kung sino mang poncio pilato. Sana lang ay magmensahe siya pabalik dahil bukas ay susubukan ko siyang abangan.
“Ay, taray oh? Binago mo handwriting mo?” Natatawang sabi ni Alice tsaka binura na ang sinulat niya kanina.
“Huwag mo na punahin ‘yan. Halika na!” Sabi ko lang rito tsaka pumunta na sa pinto. Ngunit bago pa man ako lumabas ng classroom ay muli ko munang tinignan ang mensaheng iniwan ko roon.
“I will look for you, just give me some clue.” Sana lang ay sumagot siya…
Chapter 5.5
Inis na napasandal ako sa pader ng classroom namin matapos kong makainom ng tubig dahil sa hingal. Naiwan kasi ako sa service tricycle namin ni Alice matapos mahuli ng ilang minuto dahil nauna ng lumakad ang tricycle dahil sa kailangan pang dumaan ngayon ni Alice sa office ng isa naming teacher. Kaasar lang! Medyo tanghali na tuloy ako dumating rito sa classroom at masyado ng maraming tao. Ngunit mas nainis lang ako nung makitang may mensahe na sa whiteboard bilang sagot sa mensahe ko kahapon. Badtrip na ‘yan! Nagreply siya pero ‘di ko nahuli!
“Clue? I am just upon your view…
And by the way, here’s another entry for you.
I was in first year high school when I did my biggest mistake. I mistakenly locked my teacher in the storage room for I thought that she’s the bully that I’ve been waiting to prank for that day. But then, my plan failed and I was reported at the guidance office because of that.”
Sheez. That brute! Malaman ko lang talaga kung sino ka!
“Hey!” Napaigtad ako sa sundot ni Bookie na ngayo’y nasa tabi ko na. “Alam mo, nakakatuwa ‘yang sagutang nangyayari sa freedom wall natin. Hahaha. I find it funny yung first entry while cool naman ‘tong pangalawa. Sino kaya ‘tong mga ‘to, noh? They’re intriguing, right?” Nakangiting sabi ni Bookie sa’kin na agad ko lang tinalikuran.
Intriguing? The stories are intriguing for you kasi hindi ikaw ako. Nadedehado na ako at ikinaiinis ko ‘to. Upon my view, huh? Kung gayon iisa-isahin ko na ang paghihinala sa lahat. Tiim bagang na napalibot ako ng tingin sa classroom namin bago napagdesisyunang umupo nalang sa upuan ko. I’ll start looking for you…
This game of yours is now on.
Chapter 6
“So sino sa tingin mo, Dria?” Tanong in Alice habang may hawak-hawak na lapis at nakaharap sa papel na hawak ko.
Kinuha ko kasi ang kopya nung attendance sheet namin sa classroom pagkatapos ng klase kaya nama’y heto na naman kami ngayon at nagsosolo sa classroom. Muli ko na naman kasing hiniram kay Bookie ang susi ng classroom na agad naman niyang pinahiram. ‘Yon nga lang at sasamahan niya raw kami rito. Kaya nama’y animo isang tsismoso, nasa likuran namin siya ni Alice na animo’y timang na nakikisilip sa papel.
“Ano ba kasi ‘yan?”
“Sikreto nga kasi Pres. Wahahaha.” Sagot naman ni Alice tsaka nilagyan ng ekis ang pangalan ng mga babae sa listahan namin.
“Ba’t naman nilagyan mo agad ng mga ekis yang mga babae?”
“Bakit nga?”
“I have this instinct kasi na lalaki ang nantitrip sa’yo.
“Nantitrip? Nakakainit naman ng ulo marinig ang salitang ‘yon. Ansaya nga naman kasi mantrip ng iba eh, noh? Eh kung inisip niya kaya na kung siya naman kung sakali ang mapagtripan?
“Instinct? Lalaki ang nantrip? Ano ba meron?” Tanong ni Bookie mula sa likuran namin na siyang naging dahilan para humalakhak si Alice.
“Nakuh ha? Naisip ko tuloy paghinalaan tong si Pres natin. Kunwari walang alam eh!”
“Ano ba kasi ‘yon?” Napapakamot sa ulong tanong nalang ni Bookie.
“Hinahanap namin si Batman.” Inis na sabi ko rito. Tss. Ang tsismoso naman nito.
“Batman? Ba’t niyo pa hahanapin eh nandito naman na ako bilang superman?”
“Pake namin kay Superman?”
“Pake niyo rin kay Batman? Ba’t niyo ba siya hinahanap?”
Inis na napalingon nalang ako sa freedom wall namin at hinarap si Bookie. “Bumili ka nga muna r’on ng tubig at nauuhaw ako.”
“At bakit ako?”
“Kasi lalaki ka?”
“Aisht! ‘Diba ikaw ang superman ko? At dahil nauuhaw ako, kukuha ka ng tubig. So, ano na?”
“Hahahaha. Sige, sige.”
Napapailing na napalapit nalang tuloy ako sa freedom wall matapos na nagtatakbong lumabas ng classroom si Bookie. At sa paglapit ko roon ay ang pagsulat muli ng bagong mensahe.
“You’re a guy… Or a girl?”
Chapter 6.5
“I want you to find me sooner too so I’ll answer your question with a good logic for you.
My gender is not originally made for this land. For I am just created to reciprocate another gender that was drowned from loneliness.
Hint: Read some bible and you’ll find the answer.
By the way, here’s another entry…
I almost loved the game called volleyball until I was hardly hit directly at my face in front of a video camera. The scene was so epic that it was played many times in a slow mode.”
Inis na napasalampak ako ng upo sa p’westo ko matapos kong mabasa ang sagot niya sa tanong ko. Badtreep na ‘yan! Logic?! Ano’ng akala niya sa’kin? May oras pang maglaro habang patuloy niyang ine-expose ang mga sikreto ko?
“Pansin ko lang Sunny, masyado kang affected sa mga replies na nakasulat dun sa freedom wall. Are you somehow—” Agad na naputol ang sinasabi ni Bookie matapos ko siyang harapin at sungalngalan siya sa bunganga niya ng baon kong tinapay. Napaubo-ubo pa siya kaya nama’y naiinis na inabot ko lang sa kaniya ang baon kong tubig.
“Ang sweet mo talaga, Sunny. Tinapay at tubig? Kahit nakakain na ako kanina, feeling ko’y ginaganahan ulit akong kumain. Hahahaha.” Tawa pa ni Bookie na hindi ko nalang na pinansin pa.
“Pero seryoso, ba’t mukhang affected ka ata dun masyado? Nakakahalata na ako ha?” Nakangising sabing muli ni Bookie habang pataas-baba pa ang dalawang kilay.
“Hindi ah.”
“Hindi ako gan’on ka slow pumick-up, Sunny. Those convos there, it has something to do with your journal, noh? Tama ba?”
Hindi ako nakasagot sa sinabi ni Bookie at napatitig nalang sa mukha niya.
“Ang dahilan kung bakit kayo lagi ni Alice ang pinakahuling umaalis sa classroom na ‘to.”
Mas lalo akong hindi makaimik sa sinabi ni Bookie. Ayokong umamin ngunit ayoko ring itanggi at baka magkamali ng tono ang boses ko. I’m no good at lying. At sa oras na magsalita ako ngayon, baka manginig lang ang boses ko sa kaba. Napatitig ako sa mga mata ni Bookie sa hindi ko malamang kadahilanan. At halos ilang segundo rin kaming nagtitigan. Alam ko ang bawat segundong pag-andar ng oras ngunit hindi ko naman maiwas ang paningin ko sa hindi ko na naman malamang kadahilanan. Ngunit gayon na lamang ang gulat ko noong bigla akong kindatan ni Bookie na siyang naging dahilan ng pagbilis ng pagkabog ng puso ko.
“Sheez.” Bulong ko tsaka napasapo sa dibdib ko at napaiwas tingin.
“Hahahahaha. Anyare sa’yo?”
Badtreep ka, Bookie! Kakaiba rin! Ano ‘to? Pero sheez, ano rin ‘yong sagot sa logic? Naguguluhan na ako; sa nararamdaman ko at sa pag-iisip sa sagot!
Chapter 7
“My gender is not originally made for this land. For I am just created to reciprocate another gender that was drowned from loneliness.”
“Ahh! Ang hirap naman niyan!” Sigaw ni Alice matapos na ilang ulit ng mabasa ang logic na iniwan dun sa freedom wall.
“Naisip ko kasi agad ang beki, tomboy or bisexual kaso…
Hindi ako sure!”
Pagod na napatingin ako kay Alice sa sinabi niya. Pareho kasi kami ng naiisip kaso ang kailangan ko’y siguradong sagot sa katanungan. Gay? Is the answer about those gays that are not fully acceptable in this land? But… Made to reciprocate another gender that was drowned from loneliness? Iyon ang nagpapagulo! Same about sa lesbians and bisexuals! I don’t have any concrete reason para masagutan ng tama.
Bigla namang sumama ang timpla ng mood ko nung makitang bumukas ang pinto ng classroom at pumasok si Bookie na may dalang tatlong zest-o. Tatlo na naman kasi kaming nagpaiwan dito dahil sa pareho paring gawain.
“Naks. May zest-o!” Sigaw ni Alice tsaka sinugod si Bookie at kinuha ang dalawang zest-o. Pagkatapos ay pabato niyang binigay sakin ang isa na sapilitan ko namang nasalo dahil kung hindi ay masasapul ang mukha ko.
“Libre daw ng superman mo. Hahahaha.” Tawa pa nito bago uminom.
“Ahem. Confirmed! This is about the journal, tama?” Nakangising sabi ni Bookie habang binabasa ang mga nakasulat sa freedom wall.
“Whatever Pres. Slow ka naman.” Tawa pa ni Alice.
“Hahaha. So nahulaan niyo na ba ang gender?”
“Hindi pa nga Pres eh.”
“Iniisip pa namin kung beki ba o tomboy o ano.”
“Eh pokus kasi kayo ng pokus sa logic eh. Ba’t di kayo kumuha muna ng Bible noh?”
At sa sinabi ‘yong ni Bookie. Doon ata’y nakitaan ko nga siya ng kapa sa likuran niya bilang si superman. Ang witty!
Chapter 7.5
“Sheez. Hindi ko manlang napagtuunan ‘yon ng pansin.” Bulong ko tsaka muling napatitig sa freedom wall.
The answer’s not a gay, lesbian or a bisexual. There’s only two option, male or female. Two genders are only mentioned in the bible.
“Ano’ng ibig mong sabihin, Pres?” Tanong ni Alice kay Bookie matapos rin marinig ang sinabi ni Bookie.
“Sabi kasi magbasa kayo ng bible para malaman niyo ang sagot. Binibigyan na nga kayo ng clue tapos ‘di niyo pa pinapansin. Tsk tsk.” Sabi naman ni Bookie tsaka naglabas ng pocket sized na bible at nagbuklat-buklat.
“A man or a woman lang ang magiging sagot ‘diba? Kaso… Ano’ng gender ba ang hindi naman talaga dapat nag-eexist dito?” Dugtong na tanong ni Bookie tsaka nakangiting tinitigan ako. And with that…
I remembered that story of Eve and Adan. Originally, si Adan lang talaga ang nilikha hanggang sa makaramdam siya ng lungkot sa pag-iisa sa mundong ‘to. Dahilan para likhain si Eba na galing sa tadyang niya.
“So the answer is female…” Bulong ko na siyang dahilan para mas lumawak ang ngisi ni Bookie.
“Tama! Hahahaha.”
“So mali pala ang instinct ko.” Kakamot ulong sabi naman ni Alice. Samantalang ako’y napatitig nalang sa listahan ng mga babaeng nasa klase namin.
“So you’re a girl…
Sino ka naman kaya?”
Chapter 8
Napahigit ako ng malalim na hininga matapos kong makita na malinis na ang freedom wall. Lunes na kasi ngayon at nilinis na nila ang mga nakasulat noong nakaraang linggo dito.
“Malinis ngayon ang freedom wall ah? Mukhang wala atang entry para sa’yo yung girl, Dria. Hahaha.” Pabulong na tawa ni Alice tsaka lumapit sa freedom wall at nagsulat ng isang quote;
I am invisible!
Kelan pa ba naging invisible ang babaeng ‘to? Loka-loka talaga.
“Hey, good day!”
Napalingon naman ako kay Bookie nung pumasok siyang ngiting-ngiti habang maraming bitbit na mga test papers.
“Nakapagreview na kayo? May test daw mamaya eh.” Tanong nito na nagpasimangot sakin. Hindi ko alam na may test ngayon kaya no! Hindi pa ako nakakapagreview!
“Halah?! Hindi pa ako nakakapagreview!” Sigaw naman ni Alice tsaka nagtatakbo sa upuan niya at naghukay ng notes sa bag niya.
“Hahahaha. Mag review na kayo!” Confident na sabi naman ni Bookie tsaka mayabang na umupo sa upuan niya.
“Pres, pinapatawag ka d’on sa admin.” Napalingon naman kaming lahat kay Leana matapos niyang batuhin si Bookie ng softball sa ulo.
“Aray naman?!”
“Bilisan mo kasi?!”
“Oo na, sandali!” Inis naman na sabi ni Bookie tsaka lumabas.
“Mga weirdo talaga.” Iiling-iling naman na kumento ni Alice habang nakatutok parin ang mga mata sa hawak niyang notebook.
“May sinasabi ka, Alice?” Taas kilay na tanong ni Leana.
“Wala naman po, Vice!” Sarkastikong sagot naman ni Alice na siyang dahilan para samaan siya ng tingin ni Leana bago inis na umalis narin. Napapailing-iling na napalapit nalang tuloy ako sa freedom wall dahil sa kanila.
Mortal na kasi atang magkaaway yang dalawang ‘yan eh. Nung eleksyon kasi namin dito sa classroom, mahigpit ang naging laban nila Alice at Leana sa tally of scores sa pagka-bise presidente. Ang kaso nga’y natalo siya ni Leana. Ayan, bitter siya! Wala na kasi siyang naging p’westo sa pagkaofficer dito sa classroom namin. Ako din naman walang posisyon dito kaso ‘di ako bitter tulad niya. Hahahaha.
“You’re a girl. What do you want from me?” Pagbasa ni Alice sa sinulat ko sa freedom wall ngayon-ngayon lang. I just don’t know kung ano ang dahilan para iexpose niya ang mga nilalaman ng journal ko. It is already invading my privacy!
Chapter 8.5
“I don’t really need anything from you. Instead, you need something from me. Coz the ‘or else’ in that note has something to do with these.
By the way, you want some entry?
‘I like someone in our classroom. He is…”
Nangungunot ang noong napatitig lang ako sa mensaheng iniwan ng ‘poncio pilato’ sa freedom wall. Loko-loko ba siya?! Ako nga ‘tong ginugulo niya tapos ako pa ang may kailangan sa kaniya? At isa pa! Seriously?! Ba’t binasa niya talaga lahat ng nasa journal ko?! Dapat pa ba akong maging thankful na hindi niya tinuloy ang dapat ay nakasulat na name d’on?
“Ay naks. Sino kaya ‘yang mga nagsasagutan noh? Hahahaha.”
“Wewz. Sino kaya ang crush niya? Ahem.”
“Tsk tsk tsk. Lakas ng trip nila ah? Sila, sila lang din naman ‘yang nagpa-plastikan.”
“Ka-curious naman kung sino ‘yang mga ‘yan!”
Napangalumbaba nalang ako sa mga naririnig kong kumento ng mga kaklase ko. Halos naging ugali narin kasi ata nila na abangan ang sagutang nangyayari sa freedom wall. Pero halos magulat ako nung makita si Bookie na naroon na sa harap ng freedom wall at may kung anong sinusulat.
“Wohooo! Lakas mo Bookie! Hahaha.”
“Naks. Ampogi ni Pres!”
“Hangin! Hahahahaha.”
Nagulat ako sa naging hiyawan ng mga kaklase ko pero mas nakakagulat pala ang sinulat ni Bookie sa freedom wall.
“I am someone.” -hot Pres, Bookie.
Chapter 9
“Nakuh Pres ha? Amin-amin din kasi ‘pag may time!” Tatawa-tawang sabi ni Alice habang nilalamutak na ang tinapay na dala ni Bookie. Still, nagpahuli na naman kasi kami rito sa classroom. Ang kaso’y hindi naman ako makalapit sa freedom wall dahil bukod kay Bookie ay naririto rin si Leana. Kaya nama’y nagpapanggap nalang ako ngayon na nagbabasa-basa pa ng textbook sa Ingles kahit pa’y ang totoo’y inip na inip na inaabangan ko lang na lumabas na si Leana.
“Tumigil ka nga d’yan, Alice. Kung anu-ano pinagsasabi mo d’yan eh.” Sabat ni Leana na ngayo’y may kung ano ring binabasa.
“Sauce. Ba’t ka ba kasi nandito? ‘Di ka pa umuwi? If I know, may gusto ka lang kay Pres eh.” Pasinghal na sabi ni Alice dahilan para mapaubo-ubo si Leana.
Sus! Totoo nga! Hahahaha.
“Tumahimik ka nalang, p’wede?”
“At bakit naman? Kaya nga ako may bunganga para makapagsalita tapos pinapatahimik mo ako?”
“Ugh! Hindi ka ba talaga tatahimik?”
“At sino ka para sundin ko?”
“Just shut—
“Ano ba naman kayong dalawa. Ang ingay!” Poker face lang ako na nakaharap sa libro ko kahit na sa loob-loob ko’y nagpapasalamat akong nagsalita na si Bookie dahilan para matigilan ang dalawa. Ang iingay eh!
“Eh kasi siya—”
“Tama na ‘yan. Mga babae talaga.” Tila’y naiistress na sabi ni Bookie tsaka hinakot na ang mga gamit niya.
“Uwi na ako ah?” Pagpapaalam niya habang nakatingin sakin kaya nama’y tinanguan ko siya.
“Ingat kayo maya!” Pagkatapos ay lumabas na ito na agad namang sinundan ni Leana.
Lovers? Witwew!
“Babaita talagang iyon! Kakagigil siya!”
Natawa naman ako sa gigil na sigaw ni Alice matapos na lumabas sina Leana kaya ‘di na ako nagulat pa noong nagpout ito pagkatapos. Isip bata talaga! Pero siyempre, as usual, nag-iwan lang ako ng mensahe sa board para sa ‘poncio pilatong huling may hawak ng journal ko.’
“You’re getting on my nerves. I don’t know what’s your purpose of doing all these things…”
Chapter 9.5
“You’re that clueless of me? I have something that was meant for you. And that thing? I will only give it to you after this hide and seek.
Anyways, wanna know my real message for you? Look for me for I’ve read all of your secrets. Or else… There won’t be a happy ending for you, fella.”
Poker face na paulit-ulit ko lang na binasa ang nasa freedom wall matapos kong maabutan si Alice na nagsusulat noon d’on. Oo, tama! Si Alice! Sinadya ko talagang agahan ang pagpasok ngayon ngunit hindi ko inaasahang mas maaga pa pala sa’kin si Alice. And to see it from here by now? She’s that poncio pilato that I’ve been looking for.
“So it’s you…”
Kita kong napatalon sa gulat si Alice at nanlalaki ang mga matang napalingon sa’kin na ngayo’y papalapit na sa kaniya. Ilang segundo rin siyang nakatitig lang sa’kin hanggang sa ngumiti siya at natatawang muling nilingon ang sinulat niya. Pagkatapos ay binasa iyon bilang mensahe mismo para sa’kin.
“You’re that clueless of me? I have something that was meant for you. And that thing? I will only give it to you after this hide and seek.
Anyways, wanna know my real message for you? Look for me for I’ve read all of your secrets. Or else… There won’t be a happy ending for you, fella.”
Hindi makapaniwalang napatitig lang ako sa mukha ni Alice. She still looks so innocent with her eyes and smile pero…
“Bakit, Alice?”
“Pft. Why so serious, Dria? Nakakatuwa naman ang naging laro natin ah? Hahahaha.”
Naiinis na napasalampak ako ng upo sa upuan ko matapos na marinig ang reason ni Alice. Sheez. That…
That, ugh! Kahit kailan talaga. I felt so dumb! Fool! Fool!
“Woy, Dria, galit ka?” Sinamaan ko lang ng tingin si Alice. Ayoko ng magsalita at baka kung ano pa ang lumabas sa bibig ko. Nakakagigil eh. All of my secrets were read! Exposed! Arggh!
“Sorry na, kung nagalit ka. ‘Di naman sinasadya.~”
Mas sumama ang tingin ko kay Alice matapos pa nito akong kantahan habang hinihimas-himas ang likod ko. Badtrip?! Eh hindi rin maganda ang boses niya eh.
“Bati na tayo, Dria.”
“Sheez. Mag-usap tayo mamaya at pinapainit mo lang lalo ang ulo ko ngayon.” Sabi ko nalang.
“Yehey! Mwahahaha.” Sigaw naman nito tsaka nagtatalon na lumayo sa’kin. Sheez, Alice. You’re a real brat!
Chapter 10
“Pft. Grabe, Dria. Hindi ko alam na hindi mo pa talaga malalaman na ako ‘yon kung hindi mo pa ako mahuhuli. Hahahahaha.” Tawang-tawa na sabi ni Alice ngayong lunch break namin. Nasa canteen na kami ngayon at halos hindi na sumusubo ng pagkain si Alice dahil sa kadaldalan niya.
“Imagine? Andami ko ngang clues na iniwan sayo tsaka kung iisipin, andami ko ring kasablayan. Bwahahaha.”
Kunot noong napailing-iling nalang ako sa sinasabi ni Alice. Ngayon lang kasi ako nagkaroon ng realisasyon sa utak. Sa lahat ng nangyari, ni hindi ko manlang siya pinaghinalaan.
Kung bakit inip na inip na siya noon umuwi dahil alam niya palang hindi ko naman na mahahanap ang journal ko. Kung bakit ang clue ay mismong nagsasabi na ‘upon your view.’
Ang rason kung bakit niya nasabi na ‘I am invisible’ noon sa freedom wall.
Kung bakit niya ako iniwan noon, na para pala mauna siya rito at makaiwan ng mensahe sa’kin.
At kung bakit nililigaw niya ako n’on na lalaki raw ang kumuha ng journal ko.
Sheez. I’ve never thought of Alice to be this witty.
“Woy! Nangyari na sayo d’yan?”
Napaatras ako matapos na makita ang mukha ni Alice na animo’y takang-taka sa’kin.
“Natulala ka na. Ngayon mo lang ba narealize ang mga bagay-bagay, Dria? Wahahaha.”
Tawa pa talaga. Nakuh naman!
“Pero bakit mo nga kasi ‘yon ginawa? Bakit mo kinuha ang journal ko?”
“What? ‘Di ko kinuha ang journal mo ah? I’m innocent!”
Hindi makapaniwalang tinitigan ko lang si Alice na ngayo’y may pailing-iling pa habang nanlalaki ang mga matang nakatingin sa’kin.
“Hindi ako kumuha ah!”
“What the? Eh ‘diba nga—”
“Duh! Dria naman! Oo nga’t ako ang nagpa-prank sa’yo pero hindi ako ang kumuha ng journal mo ah!”
Ano raw? Ano na naman ba ang ibig sabihin nito?!
Chapter 10.5
“Grabe ka Dria ha? You’re too judgemental to me ha? Wahhh!” Madramang palahaw ni Alice habang nagbubura ng mga nakasulat sa whiteboard. Pakembot-kembot pa ito kung magbura kaya naiinis na binato ko nalang ng whiteboard marker ang p’wet nito.
“Aray ha?”
“Drama mo kasi!”
“Eh sa trip ko eh!”
Poker face na tinitigan ko lang si Alice matapos nitong magdadabog na pinagpatuloy ang pagbubura ng mga nakasulat sa whiteboard. Nakakaloka talaga ang babaeng ‘to. Katawan at mukha lang ang nagmamature pero ang utak? Oh, sheez. Paatras ata!
“Oh, tinitingin-tingin mo?!”
Sinalubong ko ang masamang tingin ni Alice matapos ako nitong sigawan. Loka-loka talaga. Moody!
“Umayos ka Alice kung ayaw mong mabato kita d’yan.”
Napapailing na sinundan ko lang siya ng tingin nung magdadabog itong umupo sa upuan nito at may kung anu-anong pinaghuhukay sa bag niya.
“Kasigaan lang pinapairal, slow naman. Hmp!” Dinig kong bulong nito dahilan para taasan ko siya ng kilay.
“May sinasabi ka?!”
Kunot noo na tinitigan ko lang siya matapos na tumayo ito at lumapit sa’kin. Pagkatapos ay may inabot itong piraso ng papel na— kapareho ng sa journal ko!
“Galing ‘yan sa journal mo. Originally, ‘yan talaga ang entry 143. Pinalitan ko lang.”
What the?!
“Oh, ano’ng mukha na naman ‘yan?” Siga na tanong nito sakin.
“Ba’t mo pinunit?”
“Ahmm,” napapangiting kumamot ito sa ulo nito at nahihiyang ngumiti. Sheez. Fast swift of mood. “Kasama kasi ‘yon sa plano kong laro.”
“Ano ba! Past is past that is no, no discuss!”
“Ayusin mo pag-iingles mo!”
“Don’t mind the grammar! As long as the idea is there!”
Seriously? Pokerfaced na inabot ko nalang tuloy ang papel mula rito. Sheez. Now, this is the real entry 143 of my journal. What’s the content?
Chapter 11
“I wanna be close to you;
I wanna know what’s on your mind, too;
I wanna know everything about you, but then, I know that those ‘I wannas’ won’t do.
By now, I am wishing for a luck to show upon me.
Having this journal of yours in my hand is what I think to do best as for you and me.
Shall I keep it and know you better?
But I know you’ll get mad If you’ll discover.
So here I am just leaving a message for you,
for this is the hidden message I’ve been wanting to tell you…
Humans were happy when a star falls,
Humans were amazed when a flowing water falls down from a cliff,
Then here is what I wanna ask…
Will you be happy too If I fell for you?
I am your superman though how I wish you’ll see me as one.
But then I am coward for this is the only thing I can do to make this heart move forward… Towards you.
I wish of a luck for me so I can be with you… Happily.”
Amp. Ilang ulit na binasa ko pa ang papel na hawak ko. Magmula kasi nuong iabot ‘to sa’kin ni Alice, pakiramdam ko’y magdurugo na ang ilong at utak ko. Una si Alice, ngayon naman itong superman ko kuno? Sheez. Naalala ko na naman tuloy ang pagka-superman kuno ni Bookie sa’kin. That thought na siya ang sumulat rito… Why does it makes my heart beats more than usual?
“Oh? Nakakatameme noh? Pft.”
Nilingon ko si Alice na ngayo’y may sandamukal na corn chips sa bunganga niya.
“Nabasa ko na ‘yan, alam mo ‘yon? Hahahaha.”
“Alam ko. Binasa mo nga laman ng journal ko eh. Patatakasin mo pa ba naman ‘to?” Sarcastic na sabi ko dahilan para malakas na mapahalakhak si Alice.
“Superman daw sabi. Pft. Si Bookie ata ‘yan.”
“Sinong troll?!” Sigaw ni Alice dahilan para mapalundag ako sa gulat.
“Ano na namang problema mo?” Nanlalaki ang mga matang tanong ko rito.
“Sabi mo kasi troll?!”
“Expression ko lang ‘yon.”
“Tss. Dami mong knows Dria. Ayan na ang superman mo oh?”
Napalingon naman ako nung nginuso ni Alice ang direksyon ng pintuan dahilan para makita ko na papalapit na sa’min si Bookie. And with every step that he does, tila’y naging slow motion ang lahat sa paningin ko. Ikaw nga ba ang superman ko? Bookie?
Last Chapter
Alice’s POV
I inwardly giggled as I see how Dria was mesmerized of the view in front her.
Her Superman…
Here comes her Superman, smiling as he is walking towards her.
Such a nice view.
Two people are both in love with such smiles on their faces.
I played well, right?
Before, I saw Bookie slides off Dria’s journal back into her seat. But I saw something in his face during that time. And so, I kept the journal. Only to know that he’s interested with my cousin, Dria who’s secretly interested with him, too.
Me, playing as cupid is quite tough.
Bookie has gotten his lucky chance to come closer to Dria. So by now, it is up to them already. And so for me, I am done being their cupid.

Reflection: Every Child Is Special


The movie, Every Child Is Special, was about a certain child named Ishaan Awasthi. Ishaan was a talented child; he can think outside the box and paint with such passion and creativity. But he was not understood by his teachers; he was only thought of as a mischievous and a very naughty boy. He was often called an “idiot, duffer, lazy and crazy”, even his parents didn’t understand him.

Through this movie, I somehow understood now of how is the struggle of every people to be understood by the society. I somehow think that maybe, Ishaan is like my brother. It’s not that I can’t understand my brother and that he is naughty or dumb or what, it’s just that as I can see it, he’s being the center of attention of our parents by now, not in a good thing but in the opposite one. So, I somehow think that I maybe I am one of those people who can’t understand him. Maybe, I am one of those people who never tried to listen to him? And as I can see to it right now, like in the movie, my parents are planning for my brother to be transferred in a school in our province. Now, I am doubting whether is it a good thing or not?

On the other hand, as to see in the teacher’s side, I am feeling loving of them, right now. For the teacher seemed so understanding and served as the light from the child’s life in which only black and gray are present. It is touching how he appreciates the child and led him to get up and to walk beside him. Through this, I remember my English teacher before who’s the reason why I like writing right now, why I joined the school papers last year, and why I am the publicist of a club in the school right now. It was all because of her because she helped me train my own talent in writing. She believed in me saying that I can do it. And because of that, she helped me mold the better me.

But then, through the movie, I also cried for a reason in mind. The mother of Ishaan; as I am still at the first part of the movie, I cried. My heart is breaking during that time as I was thinking of Ishaan as he is pleading for her mother to let him stay. Cause during that time, I cried because I can somehow see myself in Ishaan’s position. I became like him before. I became like him who cried to my mother to let me stay, yet like Ishaan, I was left alone. Like Ishaan, I was rejected. Through the movie, memories came back on my mind and broke my heart again. That was really heart-breaking that tears just flowed right at the window of my soul, even though I am trying my very best to prevent them. In the end, they still end up flowing as my heart is aching.

Same-Sex Marriage in the Philippines: A Key to Destroy People’s Perception about Faith

People have their own beliefs and opinions when it comes to marriage. They respect ts sanity, its power, ad the things that it can provide to every individual. Because they believe that marriage is a bond that entitles the union between a man and a woman to become one in front of people and in front of God.

But today’s generation, we are trying to surpass not just the simple marriage, but also the cultures that we, Filipinos already have. Trying to change something that can totally make such a huge change of current or turn of waves in a normal passing flow of a river. That is how they are now creating a big issue or an argument in our society. And the main reason of this? Is none other than the same-sex marriage.

For this reason, I want to argue with this. I am opposing the same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage should not be approved here in the Philippines. About the LGBT community? I am not opposing them, but if it is about the same-sex marriage? It is a big no for us!

“Philippines is knowned to be ranked one of the most gay-friendly nation in the world, and the most LGBT friendly in Asia,” according to Wikipedia. But as what Manny Pacquiao have said before,”I’m against same-sex marriage because of what Bible says, but I’m not condemning LGBT.” This only gives its message the we, Filipinos, may support the LGBT community but not the same-sex marriage that they want to pursue.

It is clearly said in the bible that only a man ad a woman shall have the sanity and the power of marriage. As said in a bible, Leviticus 18:20,”Though shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind:it is abommation; Leviticus 20:13,”If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” See? It is clear that the bible’s totally contradicting the thing that they are now proposing.

Not only within that situation, in our life, it is natural to raise a family. But, for same-sex couples, what kind of family can they create? They say that there’s no difference as them raising their child. However, the pro-homosexual sociologists, Judith Stacey and Biblarz reported that it is claimed to be false. Why? Because children see a different environment that is quite different as what they see to other people. They see how other children has this mother and father figure, but what do they have? Either two daddy or two mommy? We must remember and put in mind this thing, a child needs a mother and a father figure as he or she grows old.

Same-sex marriage doesn’t only concern every individual’s life, but also their perception. Why? Try to think of it. As we are Filipinos, most of the people here believe the words written in the bible. Believers at the sanity of marriage between a man and a woman, and then, one day, this issue just popped up? What do you think will each of us think after the raising topic of this same-sex marriage? Isn’t it too contradicting our bible?

We accept the LGBT people, we do not condemn them. We accept their relationship in terms of civil union, but in terms of same-sex marriage? It is not just about what they say as equality. They say that they have the right to marry whoever they want or whoever they love. But, it is not just about equality. Human rights, every human has his own rights, but as we have the rights, we also have our own limitations. And for LGBT community? This doesn’t include the same-sex marriage.

Confusing, right? You sound so mean as you oppose this thing, but come to think of it, you are just looking out what’s the best. Some may already question their own beliefs and faiths due to this situation, asking if he or she is on the right track? Asking if he or she is doing the right thing?

Being one of the members of LGBT community is okay. It is not a sin, but proposing to have the right of marrying someone with same-sex? Why do they really have to hold on to it? Life has its limitations, same thing as human’s rights. As it is said in the bible, having the same-sex marriage is not appropriate, and that’s the only thing that you have to remember.

Promoting Human Right and Sexual and Gender Diversity and Equality in the Phils.
Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.®

The Ungodly Acts of White Collar Crimes by Khyle. M



To refresh from everyone’s mind, White-Collar crimes are those acts that’s in line with the terrorism, sabotages and scams. Also, the people that commits those acts are just everywhere so everyone can be the next victim of the said crime. But to look upon it, are you aware that White-Collar Crimes are usually caused by White-Collar criminals that calls for a global order in conducting disturbing horror of atrocities and mass destructions?

The 1996 disaster of Trans World Airlines Boeing 747 under Flight No. 800 that once shook the world is a certified ungodly act of White-Collar Crime. “While no one is admitting it, no one is also denying.” (Macasiano, 1997)

To further discuss, TWA Boeing 747 under Flight No. 800 was a scheduled international passenger flight that once crashed in the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, last July 17, 1996. It was a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York, New York to Charles International Airport, Paris, France with 230 people on board: 2 pilots, 2 flight engineers, 14 flight attendants, and 212 passengers.

All people on board were killed, and the airplane was destroyed.

It was said that the safety issues with the report focuses on fuel tank flammability, fuel tank ignition sources, design and certification standards, and the maintenance and aging of air craft system.

But what’s disburbing here is that, according to the book ‘White-Collar Crimes’ made by Levy D. Macasiano, the US launched the biggest investigative task force which is composed of the Department of Justice, the FBI, the National Transportation Safety Board, the G-men, the US Federal Abiation Administration and a plethora of investigative agencies worldwide, yet the score remained zero.

Many hypothesis and assumptions were pursued yet in the end, the investigation returns to where it begins, leaving no traces when it will end.

As for all the theories given, the most convincing theory is the Bomb Theory, wherein it was believed that a bomb blew up Flight 800 as to the showed mutilating injuries that could have only caused by a bomb-blast. Another evidence is that there’s this state of condition that the metal was shorn and resembled a fringe, a rare feature which can only be caused by a bomb-explosion. But then, in the end, this theory didn’t convinced everyone.

Everyone agrees on the plane blast, not everybody agrees on the bomb-blast.

Now it can be said without reservation that the Flight 800 was downed by a blast. If it was caused by a blast, concededly, it was a bomb-blast. If it was caused by a bomb-blast, the TWA Flight No. 800 was undoubtedly sabotaged. But to what reason? It is still locked in the scepter of secrecy.


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TWA Flight 800 NTSB Autopsy Summaries



Nakangiti ang lahat na may magagandang barong kasuotan ang pamilyang nasa larawan. Tila ba’y buo at masiyang pamilya. Ngunit nais mo bang malaman ang k’wento nila? Ang takbo ng buhay nila sa likod ng kamara? At kung ano nga ba ang mayroon sa mga ngiting napapaloob sa lumang retrato nila?

‘Nakakatakot ka, alam mo ba?’ ang sabi ng iba sa pinaka-ama ng pamilya. Dahil kahit sa ngiti niyang iyon ay nakatago ang masasamang mga bagay na nagawa na niya. Ang pagpatay sa mga manggagawa nila, pagpapahirap sa mga ito at ang pag-aalipin sa mga ito. Magagalang kung matitigan ang pamilyang kanilang kinabibilangan subalit sa likod ng kanilang mga maskara’y nakasilay ang ngiting kinamamatay ng iilan. At kung iyo pang makakabanggan ay hindi lang ikaw ang malalagasan sapagkat damay-damay na pati ang iyong pamilya. Patay kung patay, malalagasan ng buhay at miski bata’y mamamatay. Dahil gan’yan ang pamilya nila, lahat ay kakayaning gawin. Para sa pera, sa ngalan ng pamilya. Lahat ay babanggain at wala ng sasantuhin.

Hindi man matabunan ang alingasaw ng amoy ng dugo sa kanilang mga kamay, sa litrato’y natatakpan naman nila ang mga patak ng dugong nakatatak na sa kanilang mga kamay. Lahat na nga’y natabunan, sapagkat sa matatamis nilang salita’t mapanlokong mga ngiti, ang lahat ay napaikot ng muli.

Life After School

after school

In every weekdays, I go to school and attend classes. I sit and listen then recite and study. I act like what a normal student usually do in school. But, after school, I also do many things and that includes another life of journey and story.

After I go out of the campus, together with my friends, we’ll just walk the path till we reach the town we’re into. Through the path, we talk things like about what happened in school or maybe such private and random things that we may came up to. Talking about our love life, our problems and stress in life. And with that, our journey doesn’t end as boring even with the bad and stinky smell of air that we inhale from the cars, jeeps and garbage that we walked through.

But after that journey, we separate our ways as I continue to travel alone. Under the blazing heat of the sun that gives pain to my skin, I walk the distance through our house. I walk in silence as I pass through people along the road. I can see those people who are just bystanders, players for a game in basketball and also those people who looks busy and in rush of work and things. It seems like in that path I’m going through is also busy for more life events and stories. But of course, through that path, I also meet familiar faces and friends and all that we say can are ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ with a smile.

As I got home, the loud and ear wrecking silence of the house greets me. And so, I just enter the house with a blank face for the emptiness. Then, I do my stuffs like cleaning the house and preparing foods for the dinner. And for my entertainment, I grab my phone and enjoys myself in surfing the net. And with that, after I did all of those, I rest my body through sleeping.

Unforgettable Christmas

Me and my family haven’t celebrated any magical Christmas moment before. Due to financial problem, a picture always comes up in my mind that in Christmas, it will just be incomplete, again. Where I can see my self, eating and savoring the sweet foods in the table as my brother keeps on running back and forth of the house as he is playing with his friends. And where my parents are? Maybe my father is playing with his loud stereo at the door house, or maybe, he is with my mother in the big city of Manila.  Conquering the flow of civilization and dictation as they mourn their strength and sweat just to earn money for us. It is always incomplete. It is always like that. Again and again, that picture of Christmas moment is all I can see in my mind.

But last year, the unforgettable Christmas happened to me. Because together with my brother and father, we decided to live with my mother in Manila. We decided to fight for our betterment in life. And even though tears and sweats are mourned from us, we are still standing strong and indestructible because we are with the comfort of each other. And the best feeling ever is when my mother gave birth to an angel. Though I haven’t heard her first cry in the delivery room of the hospital, though I haven’t been the one who’s in pain during and after the delivery of her, happiness consumed my thoughts like I’m lying in a soft mattress. The feeling of being a good sister came to me.

With my baby sister, our Christmas ended up with full laughter. Many pictures were taken, may memories were saved, many smiles were captured and many feelings were delivered. And as we all smile through the phone’s camera, that Christmas moment of mine ended up very